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Arturia Wrapper

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Use the amazing Arturia effect plugins like native Ableton Live devices!

-You can easily access any parameter without opening the GUI ( but you can still open it if you like : ) ).


- These max for live devices not recreations of the original plugins. you still have to have the original plugins installed! ( It’s just a top layer for them : )

- Preset browsing only avaliable by opeing the native Gui with the top right button.

- These are max for live devices so you’re gonna need either Live suite, or live standard with max.

- Available for VST3 and AudioUnit formats

Push integration included!

Compatible with Live 10 and 11.

Included wrappers:

  • Chorus Dimension D

  • Chorus Jun 6

  • Comp Diode 609

  • Comp Fet 76

  • Comp Tube STA

  • Comp VCA 65

  • Delay Brigade

  • Delay Eternity

  • Delay Tape 201

  • Dist tube culture

  • EQ sitral 295

  • pre v76

  • rev Plate 140

  • Pre 1973.

  • Pre trida

  • Tape melo fi

Installation :

you can put these devices into your user library, basically anywhere.

Default location of the User Library:

When you install Live for the first time, the User Library is created at this location:

Windows: \Users\[username]\Documents\Ableton\User Library

Mac: Macintosh HD/Users/[username]/Music/Ableton/User Library

Please note that Live has to analyse your user library after you put your devices in there... It could take a while. For the time being, you can just drag and drop these devices on your track from your user library. until Live analyses your folders.

Always use the latest plugin versions of the plugins. ( I will follow every Arturia update with the wrappers. Currently it's Effects collection 3.)


If you have any questions or difficulties with the device feel free to write me at

Or you can find me in Twitter:

Have Fun!☺

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Arturia Wrapper

11 ratings
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