Touch me 2.0

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  • These are MaxForLive devices so you’re gonna need either Live suite, or Live standard with MaxForLive.
  • Works with Live 10, and 11 (and with Live 12)

TouchMe lets you assign a a MIDI fader/knob to control the last touched/selected parameter in your project.
Now it works both with Plugin parameters, and built in Live effects, MaxForLive devices as well.

It’s a great device if you like to write automation with a controller but you don’t want to MIDI map the parameters every single time.

Additionally you can temporarly lock TouchMe to a device/plugin parameter:

Until Lock is enabled Touch me will stop't following the selected parameters.
And it'll stay mapped to the last one you selected prior to locking.


First create a Midi track, and set it’s input to IN so it always recieves the MIDI messages when you turn your controller:

Then put TouchMe into this track.

Make sure TouchMe recieves MIDI data when you turn your controller:
(You should see a small yellow indicator when you move your dial/fader)

If it doesn’t happen make sure you enabled your controller in Live’s settings menu, and it’s not completely overtaken by any remote script.

Then on the device press the „Learn” button, and move a fader/knob on your controller.

Once TouchMe receives any MIDI CC information you can see the CC, and Ch dials update to the values of your knob you moved:

(Additionally you can set these values manually.)

If you’re using an „Absolute” controller
(one that has fixed range and output every MIDI value between 0 and 127 like a modwheel, or a fader)
Set the device into Absolute mode:

If you’re using a Continuous/Endless controller
(One that only output two values, one when you move the knob left, and one when you move it right, to increase, or decrease the parameter’s value)
Set the device into Endless mode:

If you’re not sure which one you have,  you can check the built in midi monitor.
Just press the „Expand” button to reveal the Advanced section:

If you see every value from 0-127 when you move your controller it’s an Absolute one.
If you only see only two values (Usually 63 and 65) you have an Endless one.

Additionally if you have an Endless encoder but it sends out different values than 63 for decreasement, and 65 for increasement you can adjust it with these two dials:

So TouchMe should be compatible with pretty much every MIDI device! : )


One thing to note:
For Live device, and MFL device parameters it’s enough to select a parameter, and Touch me will automatically be able to control it.

For plugin parameters you have to select the plugin (In device View) and move the parameter a bit. (Just change its value a bit with your mouse.) :


If you have any questions or difficulties with the device feel free to write me at

Or you can find me in Twitter:

Have Fun!☺

Nándor From ElisabethHomeland

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Touch me 2.0

28 ratings
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