Latency Fixer and Latency Free Recorder

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In this pack, there are two MaxforLive devices: Latency Fixer and Latency-Free Recorder. These devices are designed to address the latency issue that can occur in Ableton Live.

When monitoring is enabled on a track, the overall latency present in your project will be applied to the recorded takes. This results in the take being delayed compared to a recording with monitoring-disabled tracks.

(Default Behaviour: The roundtrip latency of the Audio Driver plus the latency of the project's plugins is applied to the monitored track's take.)

These two devices are intended to address the same issue but take different approaches:

  • Latency Fixer: This device nudges the recorded takes backward by the exact current latency amount.
  • Latency Free Recorder: This device employs a glitch to resolve the problem directly during the recording stage.

The end result is the same, but you have the flexibility to choose the one that best fits your workflow! 😊

(Behaviour with my devices)


- This is a MaxForLive device so you’re gonna need either Live suite, or Live standard with MaxForLive. 

- Latency Free recorder works in Live 11 and 12.

- For Latency Fixer You need at least Live 11.3.2 in order to make it work! Works in Live 12 too.

- In Live 12 these two devices will become obsolete!
Here's what the release note says:

If you plan to grab Live 12 in the near future I would advise you to skip these devices! : )
(Of course if you plan to stay in Live 11 for a while it can still help you! )

Latency Free Recorder:

This device allows you to record with enabled monitoring on any track (Audio or MIDI) without the associated latency side effect. Instead of using the built-in Record function for capturing a take, you can assign a shortcut (or MIDI map) to the device's Record button.

Here's how it works:

  1. Select the track (or tracks) you want to record to.
  2. Press your assigned shortcut.
  3. The device will temporarily disable monitoring just before recording begins and re-enable it when recording starts. This process creates a glitch that allows you to monitor the track without the latency affecting the recorded take.

This approach gives you the freedom to monitor your tracks while ensuring that latency does not impact your recorded material.

Latency Fixer:

Latency Fixer allows you to record with monitoring enabled on any track (Audio or MIDI) and correct the latency in your recorded takes afterward, even if your project includes numerous latency-heavy plugins.

Here's how to use it:

  1. Arm the track you want to record and enable monitoring.
  2. Start recording your take.
  3. After recording, select the recorded clip on the track.
  4. Press the "Nudge" button on the Latency Fixer device (You can, of course, MIDI or Key map this button for easy access).
  5. You'll see that Latency Fixer will nudge the clip back to its correct position, compensating for the latency.

This tool provides a post-recording solution to correct any latency issues, making it ideal for projects with latency-heavy plugins.

Setup For Latency Fixer:

Latency Free Recorder doesn't need any additional setup, however if you need to use the other device Latency Fixer there's a simple thing you need to do first to ensure accurate latency compensation:
You need to inform Latency Fixer about your overall round-trip latency. (All the other things like the latency of the plugins in your project is calculated automatically by the device.)

  • Open Ableton Live's preferences and navigate to the audio tab.
  • Locate the overall round-trip latency value

  • note that Ableton might display a rounded number by default but you can find a more precise value by setting the driver error compensation to the same value as your overall latency (With the same negative number):

  • Add the rounded latency value and the decimal value together.
    (In this case 100 + 0.41 = 100.41)

  • Type the sum into Latency Fixer.

Of course If you change your Sample Rate, or Buffer Size you need to repeat this process.
If you happen to change these values frequently I would advise you to save a few presets into your User Library of the device with the different settings you like to use.

There is a setting in Ableton Live called "Reduce latency when monitoring". If you like to use it make sure you open the Advanced menu of Latency fixer and enable this option in the device too!
And if you don’t use it turn this option off in the device.

Release notes:

Version 1.1 - 2024.02.13.

  • Live 12 support
  • Undo history related fixes.

Version 1.0 - 2023.09.12.

  • Added a new device: Latency free Recorder.

Version 1.0 - 2023.07.04.

  • Latency Fixer initial release.


If you have any questions or difficulties with the device feel free to write me at :

Or you can find me in Twitter:


Have Fun! :)

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Latency Fixer and Latency Free Recorder

15 ratings
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