Varispeed 3.0 for Ableton Live (MaxForLive Device)

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Varispeed is a MaxForLive device that allows you to use Ableton Live like an analog tape recorder.
It enables you to transpose your entire song (audio and MIDI clips) in both Session and Arrangement View by up to -24 / +24 semitones while accurately changing the tempo.
Additionally, Varispeed can transpose Simpler devices in Slicing mode,
MIDI information after leaving clips (such as sequencer and chord generator outputs or individual Drum Rack cells),
and some built-in Live effects' pitch parameters (e.g., Shifter, Spectral Resonator, Corpus and some more).

This gives you the ability to record parts in different speed and pitch or explore your song in different keys.


·       Place one instance of Varispeed on your master or any track to transpose your entire song using the mappable dial or +/- buttons.

·       By default, it transposes both audio and MIDI clips, as well as Simpler devices in Slicing mode in both Session and Arrangement View.

·       Transpose up or down by up to 24 semitones in both directions (smaller intervals than semitones are not supported).

·       Exclude specific tracks by adding a keyword or symbol to their names, keeping their MIDI and audio clips untouched in your project (default symbol: @).

·       Transpose MIDI information after leaving the clips for individual drum rack cells, sequencer outputs, and chord generator outputs (see VPitch section for details).

·       Transpose certain built in Live effect’s pitch parameters : Shifter, SpectralResonator, Resonators, Corpus, PitchHack, PitchLoop89

·       Disable any processing circuit in the device for more efficiency or specific use cases (e.g., disable the Session View or Arrangement View circuit if not needed).


You can place the devices in your Ableton Live user library anywhere you prefer.

Default location of the User Library:

When you install Live for the first time, the User Library is created at this location:



Please note that Live needs to analyze your user library after adding devices. This process may take a while. In the meantime, you can drag and drop the devices from your user library onto your tracks.


Varispeed is a MaxForLive device and requires either Live Suite or Live Standard with MaxForLive.

Works only with Live 11.


1.   The +/- buttons to transpose your project by one semitone.

2.   Turn the knob to transpose your project by up to -24/+24 semitones (two octaves).

3.   Turn the Tempo changing Circuit on or off.

4.   Expand the device to access advanced settings.

5.   Enable or disable transposition in Arrangement or Session View.

6.   Enable or disable transposition for Simpler devices in Slicing mode.

7.   Enable or disable transposition for VPitch devices (renamed default Pitch MIDI effect) in your project.

8.   Enable or disable transposition for the listed Live effects' pitch parameters in yourproject.

9.   Shows the original tempo when Varispeed was loaded in your project and allows you to reset it to the current tempo with the "New Tempo" button.

10.  Change the exclude sign by typing a new character or word into the box. All tracks, MIDI, and audio clips containing this character or word will remain untouched when using Varispeed.


You may have MIDI and audio clips in your project that you don't want to transpose, such as MIDI going into Drum Racks or drum and percussion audio clips. The exclude sign feature comes in handy for this purpose.

The default sign-symbol is @,
When you add this symbol to the name of any tracktheir MIDI and audio clips will remain untouched when using Varispeed.

So for example, if you have a MIDI track with a drum rack called „64 Pad FingerDrumming”, rename it to "@ 64 Pad FingerDrumming."

Similarly, if you have an audio track with a drum loop called „Loop”, rename it to "@ Loop."

You can also change this sign to whatever you like in the advanced menu:


If you place the default MIDI effect device "Pitch" into a MIDI track and rename it to "VPitch" (case sensitive), Varispeed will transpose it. This allows you to transpose signals coming from MIDI generating devices like sequencers and chord generators. You can even transpose separate drum rack cells by placing a VPitch device before the cell's instrument.

Note: To use the VPitch device, you need to add an exclude sign in the track's name; otherwise, both the MIDI clips on the track and the MIDI information coming out from the VPitch device will be transposed.


By default, Varispeed transposes the Transpose parameter of all your Simpler devices in Slicing mode to keep them in key with the rest of your song. It's important to use the exclude sign in the MIDI track's name; otherwise, both the MIDI clips and the Simpler device will be transposed (although this can lead to interesting experiments).

You can also disable this behavior in the advanced menu.


Varispeed is capable of transposing certain pitch/coarse-related parameters of Live effects.

This functionality can be useful for specific experimental uses. You can enable or disable this feature per device in the advanced menu (all options are turned off by default)

For Push 3 Standalone:

There's a separate device called "Varispeed 3.0 for Push" optimized for Push 3 in standalone mode.

This device is essentially the same as the original one but with the Arrange mode circuit removed.

Additionally, a VPitch.adv file is included, which needs to be placed in your Push's user library as renaming devices is not possible from Push.

Good To Know:

  • Varispeed cannot transpose frozen tracks. It is recommended to duplicate the frozen track, flatten one of them, and mute the frozen one when using the device.
  • You cannot apply pitch changes smaller than whole semitones using Varispeed.

----Release Notes----

Varispeed 3.0 - 2023.06.06

  • Ability to Transpose Simpler devices in slicing mode.
  • Ability to Transpose certain Pitch/coarse parameters for experimental use cases.
    (Shifter, SpectralResonator, Resonators, Corpus, PitchHack, PitchLoop89)
  • Varispeed is now compatible with Push 3 standalone.
  • Varispeed now should work a lot faster even with larger projects with a lot of clips. :)
  • Updated GUI.
  • Updated documentation.

Varispeed 2.0 - 2022.12.13

  • transpose midi clips without using Pitch devices.
  • added support for VPitch MIDI Effect to transpose individual drum rack cells, or sequencer outputs.
  • You can turn off every circuit off the device.
  • The button, and the Dial version is now merged into a single device.
  • Some useful information show's up in certain cases (more info in the documentation)

Vaispeed 1.2 - 2022.08.17

  • Added knob version
  • Some internal cleanup

Varispeed 1.1 - 2022.07.03

  • Added new device pair for Live 10 support. (No longer supported.)

Varispeed for Live 1.1 - 2022.07.16

  • Fixed a bug that caused mixed behaviour in larger projects.
  • Some UI Elements were shifted in Windows.
  • The Tempo button is now Initially enabled.

Varispeed 1.0 Initial Release - 2022.06.19

If you have any questions or encounter difficulties with the device, feel free to reach out to me at:




Have Fun! :)

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Varispeed for Ableton Live (MaxForLive)


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Varispeed 3.0 for Ableton Live (MaxForLive Device)

25 ratings
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