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Visual Browser 2.5 - Create your Favourites library in Ableton Live

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Visual Browser is a MaxForLive device that makes it easy to find and load Devices, plugins, Track presets, or basically anything that is accessible from Ableton Live's browser.
No more searching through countless plugins to find the one you want.

Download the documentation :


- This is  a MaxForLive device so you’re gonna need either Live suite, or Live standard with MaxForLive.
- Works with Live 11, and with Live 10.  
- Optionally For Live Standard, or Live Intro you can load it as a standalone „app” with the demo version of Max 8.
- By default the browser only shows the built in Live effects/instruments, and you have to add your third party stuff manually using the editor to make it the way you like it. : )

Visual Browser is a MaxForLive device that lets you load your favorite plugins/devices, instruments, track presets, samples into your project with a well organized visual layout.
You can fully customize it, and use it as you wish. For example:

Using it is very simple:

  1. Select one of your main Categories ( Effecrts, Instruments, TrackPresets, User)
  2. Select one of the SubCategories.
  3. Press on a card to load it into the selected track.
  4. Open the Settings, or the LayoutPreset panels.

Some extra features worth mentioning:

If you press the „Dice” button, you can load a random device/effect/instrument.. into the project from the selected SubCategory:

You can load random a random preset of the selected card instead of the default device.
For example Load a random DrumRack from your library:

You can customise everything in VB to your liking, then save it as a preset if you want to switch between different modes:


  • 2.5 - 2023.8.01
    - Windowed mode for different use cases:
    Change between FullScreen and Windowed mode, and put VB anywhere in your screen: 
    replacing Live’s browser, or using it on an external monitor/Ipad , setting it to the side... and so on.-TouchScreen support: 
     VB now officially supports External Displays, and Touchscreen devices: 
    Press the Dice to load a random card into the project from the selected SubCategory: 
    -Random place load:
     Load a random preset of the selected Device/effect.-New (Resizable) Settings panel-new LayoutPresets panel :
    Save custom Window layouts for different use cases and recall them on the fly. 
    (Press the disc icon to reveal it) 
    Everything in the settings panel will be saved into these presets (except the Misc settings).-Better Card editing:
    From now on if you select a card in the editor and it’ll automatically fill the Card/Place input field so if you want to replace the name/place it’ll be a lot easier:
    And you don’t have to use underscores (_)  instead of space anymore,
    The Device will format the text for you automatically. 
    (If you want to add multiple cards use a comma to separate them (,) :::: Card 1, Card 2, ) -Drag n drop files to create Cards: 
    It’s now possible to select (even multiple) things from Live’s browser and drop it into the editor to automatically create new cards: 
    (Drag the files directly to the "Name: Place" text where you see the purple frame) -Highlight the selected subcategory:
    The Browser now highlights the selected subcategory. -Remember last selected Category/Subcategory on reopen-New customization options: Margin, Close after load,  windowed mode

    -Updated GUI / better interface with custom themes. 

    -Loading samples auto creates a midi track if none is selected. 
    ( if the card’s name ends with .waw or .aif) 
  • 2.2 - 2023.02.14
    -New: You can decide if you want to close Live's Browser after plugin/device load or not.
    -New: You can now change the text size of the Categories, and Cards.
    -New: You can now decide where to load the next plugin/device :
    At the end of the chain/Before the selected device / after the selected device.
    -Rearranged tweaks section in the main window.
    -Improved AHK mode (fixed an issue with third party plugin load using AHK mode)
    -the search field in Live's browser now gets cleared every time after you use VB.
    -Updated documentation
  • 2.1 - 2023.02.14
    -New: Now there's option to change the Category buttons size. (for better compatibility if you want to use the device with touchscreen) -New: AHK mode for Windows:
    If you’re using Windows with certain languages like Korean, there’s a chance that the device will not work properly when you try to load the devices in your project.
    In that case you can enalbe AHK mode.If you’re using this option the device will load the devices into your project using AutoHotkey, instead of a PowerShell script .It’s important that if you want to use this mode, you need to install AutoHotkey firt.
    (Version 1. not Version 2 or later.)
  • 2.0 - 2023.02.07
    - New card rendering engine, that's faster, more reliable and supports HDPI screens too.
    - Option to add your own subCategories.
    - Built in editor for SubCategories, and Cards.
    - Built in Backup system.
    - Added options: Card resizing, Positioning, and the ability, to change the window's top.
    - Added a mappable button to close the editor.
    - Various under the hood fixes, and optimalization.
  • 1.1 - 2023.01.23
    Fixed an issue on Winsows: The device was only able to load the first search result.
  • 1.0 - 2023.01.17
    Initial Release


If you have any questions or difficulties with the device feel free to write me at :

Or you can find me in Twitter:

Have Fun! :)


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Visual Browser 2.5 - Create your Favourites library in Ableton Live

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