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My name is Nándor, and these are my MaxForLive Devices: SALE UNTIL OKT-6!


New stuff in the AnalogObsession Wrapper pack!

Arturia Wrappers updated! - Now AU compatible : )

New Device: Latency Free Recorder!!

My BIGGEST update yet! : VisualBrowser 2.5

New in the FREE AnalogObession wrapper pack: FIVER

New Device : Latency Fixer – Fix the Auto Monitoring Latency In Ableton Live.

Free AnalogObsession Wrappers for Ableton Live - 3rd: Fetish

FREE Device : LFO for Push Standalone! (Works great with Push 1-2 too!)

New release:: Varispeed 3.0

New free Wrapper!

Free Wrapper : AnalogObsession.

NEW: Arturia Wrappers - just released

Just released GOOMW 1.1 - Free update! :)

Free device for a limited time!

NEW: GETOUTOFMYWAY - Hide unnecessary tracks in large Ableton Live projects.